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TPO Roofing

Save Costs with TPO Commercial Roofing in Arizona

Let our specialized roofers explain the many benefits of this highly popular material with a quick call to Roofing101. Need a new covering for your business? Get a truly remarkably resilient construction that will last years to come when you choose TPO.

Thermoplastic-olephine roofing – better known as TPO – is the newest solution for companies that want to decrease energy consumption. Yearly energy consumption rates decrease substantially with this type of covering, which greatly lowers end costs. Applied in large rolls, TPO commercial roofing is a solid, sturdy material that is either ballasted or mechanically fastened in place. Waterproof and UV reflective, this industrial use covering is best for structures that require a cost-conscious yet reliable roofing option.

Benefits of TPO Commercial Roofing

  • Extremely resilient and long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ultra waterproof
  • Easy maintenance and repairs
  • Reflects heat for energy savings
  • Lower cost than many other covering alternatives

TPO Roofing vs. Traditional Materials

As TPO roofs reflect UV rays, this high-tech design decreases heat inside a space. Therefore, with this installation, energy consumption goes down and air-conditioning usage decreases, which ultimately results in lower monthly expenses. What’s more, because of its high durability, it has a long lifespan that doesn’t require much maintenance, repairs, and costs down the road, unlike some other roofing materials. Eco-friendly, using recycled materials, TPO is an excellent fit for companies who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

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