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Asphalt Shingle

Expert Asphalt Roofing Installation, Repair, and Maintenance in Arizona

Thanks to the use of excellent, prominent-brand materials, you’re ensured an asphalt roof that lasts for decades to come. Nowadays, as one of the most favorite covering choices, asphalt shingles give clients the means to opt for various styles and colors, while also getting an affordable, resilient installation.

Benefits of an Asphalt Shingles Installation

In Arizona, asphalt shingles normally come in two main choices: organic or fiberglass/composite. Because of its fiberglass base construction and waterproof coating, fiberglass/composite shingles ensure extra protection against weather damage.

  • Minimal Maintenance – Asphalt roofing shingles require very low maintenance if installed correctly by professionals. However, in the event of damage, they’re relatively straightforward to repair.
  • Cost-Effective – Get incomparable value with these covering shingles that offer a long life expectancy and low material costs.
  • Flexible – With so many styles and colors to choose from, you can easily match shingles to your house for a seamless, blended look.
  • Durable – Get impressive wind resistance and a Class A fire rating with the vast majority of asphalt fiberglass shingles.
  • Sustainable – Our ENERGY STAR-rated cool shingles aptly diminish heat absorption via the roof significantly, thanks to energy-saving technology newly adopted by most manufacturers. As such, sunlight is reflected, lowering energy costs and covering temperature substantially.

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